About AITO


Aito Studios is a urban fashion brand that was founded in 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. In the designs Aito Studios’ founder Eetu Räisänen combines his lifestyle, philosophy and personal experience in Helsinki’s street culture. Since the very beginning, Eetu has been designing unique and twisted outfits for Finland’s big-name artists and cultural influencers. Now Aito Studios brings Eetu’s unique work to be wondered for a wider audience.  We are proud to export a piece of Finnish madness and Helsinki to the world, even one fabric piece at a time.

Aito Studios’ very first and long-awaited collection is presented with a flashes in the video ad, in which the items have been taken as far from the catwalks as possible to a brutally unfashionable and hopeless environment. A real life, which bruises we love.

Our items are casually oversized, in which one can escape the morning’s first, blinding sun rays. In our production, we only use the best materials and nearby factories. The cuts are clear and the details are thoughtfully minimalist, yet clearly highlighting who we are and what we want to express. Also, we will continue passionately working on delivering custom pieces, since it is our peephole to Finnishness and Helsinki’s street culture.


Authentically yours,

Aito Studios